Plans for a new prop pack…

As you might know, I’m gonna work on a couple of new props.
I’ve given it a lot of thought of how to release them, considering there already is a prop pack in the workshop. Originally this was just an SVN version I uploaded back then.

A lot of questions and challenges were bothering me, especially the fact that changing anything to the existing pack will probably break everyone’s saves and dupes. Not to mention the annoying folder structure, and the fact that you can’t include spawn lists properly. So I came to this decision:

I will make a new prop pack, with all of the existing props that are now in the Workshop, and keep updating it with new props. That said, I will keep the original pack online so people can still play with their dupes or modify them using the new pack.

Also, I’m gonna set up a small system where people can make requests and report bugs.

Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a name of the new, heavily WIP,  upcoming pack?