Plans for a new prop pack…

As you might know, I’m gonna work on a couple of new props.
I’ve given it a lot of thought of how to release them, considering there already is a prop pack in the workshop. Originally this was just an SVN version I uploaded back then.

A lot of questions and challenges were bothering me, especially the fact that changing anything to the existing pack will probably break everyone’s saves and dupes. Not to mention the annoying folder structure, and the fact that you can’t include spawn lists properly. So I came to this decision:

GMOD server fixed

A couple of people reported issues connecting to the server, probably due to the latest Gmod update.

I fixed the issues that were caused by the server, so if your GMOD is up2date you should be able to play!

Garry’s Mod Server

Today I set up a Gmod server, hosting my latest map.

It’s quite modest, with just the addons: propper props, ep1 and ep2, wiremod and smartsnap.

It should be in the main server list named as “”, but you can also connect directly to that address.

Currently it’s just a plain srcds server, with no mods or extra’s to guarantee 100% uptime. That will come later!

Keep it tidy! 🙂

Minecraft server revamped

I made some modifications to fix bugs, increase stability and increase performance.
The online overview map will be re-generated in the next few days, since it was buggy and had chunks mixed up and missing.

Now get building! 🙂